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Audiovisual producer and director, Lauren Pringle is also a performance Artist/Actress/Voice Over artist whose Spotlight can be found here:


She is currently developing a peice of work with Guilia Rossini that was researched and developed in Documenta, Kassel and will be shown in Zurich, summer 2021. 

Notable Roles:

  • Air Stewardess Laura - Colonia Dignidad Feature Film 

  • Tam - Finding Sofia Feature Film 

  • Reporter - The Games Maker Feature Film

  • Girl - Wedcompany Advert

  • Secretary - Ameritrade Advert

  • Office Worker - Banco Comafi - Advert

  • Julia - Parque Short Film 

  • Same As It Ever Was Short Film

  • Robyn Music Video

  • Jermaine Peterson Music Video

  • Actress - Usted Esta Aqui Site Specific Theatre Company

  • Actress - The Performers Theatre Company